Until you can see the world of love and the sea.

Artist who loves the sea

Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1991. Both my father and mother run an inn with a view of the sea, and from an early age I helped the inn while looking at the sea.She discovered her talent for painting at the Academy Music Kindergarten, which her a painting class, and won numerous awards in her childhood.

As a teenager, I experienced various artistic expressions such as musical actors, overseas expeditions to Germany and Austria, and performances at cathedrals and palaces in a chorus of 100 people. I studied drawing and oil painting at Shoyo High School's art department, and in high school I watched many museums and mural paintings in France and Italy, such as the Louvre, Orsay, Orangerie, Picasso, Borghese, Rodin, Vatican Museums, and Pompidou Center.

While producing abstract paintings at Tama Art University, I am also active on the stage as a fashion performer, writing a draft script for a play and a novel (autobiography). While working in a graphic textile designer, gallery, and sales position, I draw and collect pictures, and in 2019 I established Miku Shimohama's production atelier. Live painting in collaboration with music such as opera singers, violas and pianists.

Since I unconsciously drew water and the sea, I became a diver and surfer and stayed in various islands such as the Hawaiian Islands, Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture, the Ogasawara Islands, Niijima, and Yoron Island. The paintings inspired by the sea are characterized by the light green color and the lively swelling of the paint, and the huge handwriting is finished in an instant like a calligrapher using a broom.

In the process of overcoming experiences such as bankruptcy, family collapse, and painting slump, I became interested in the concept of love, meditated, and then unconsciously painted. Her art is widely supported by intellectuals and psychics in the art industry, regardless of age or gender. For Miku Shimohama, art is a means of learning and communicating love, and traveling the sea is a way of life for the soul to grow.


下濵美久 Miku Shimohama

1991   Born in Kagoshima, Japan

2015   Graduated from Tama Art University, Tokyo,Japan



2019  「Miku Shimohama Exhibition―Love Spills―」 Gallery Q, Tokyo

2020  「Blue World」KETH NOUKENNDAI, Kanagawa

2021  「Miku Shimohama Exhibition―Love water―」Ishikawa Gallery, Tokyo

2021  「Erotism」Beauty salon SORA salon&, Tokyo

2022  「Miku Shimohama Exhibition―SATORI―」 Gallery Q, Tokyo



2014  「Tokyo Five Art University Union Graduation and Completion Exhibition」The National Art Center, Tokyo

2014  「Colorless Love Letter Exhibition」Tama Art University, Tokyo

2019  「ACT Art Award Exhibitio」The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo

2019  「The 18th Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Office Exvision」Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management, Tokyo

2019  「Heart warming 2019」Gallery Q, Tokyo

2020  「Talking abstract painting exhibition 10」The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo


2020  「Independent Tokyo 2020」Tokyo Port City Shibaura Hamamatsuchokan, Tokyo

2021  「Independent Tokyo 2021」Tokyo Port City Shibaura Hamamatsuchokan, Tokyo

2021  「A casual auction in the town」GALLERY & CAFE Jack and the Beanstalk, Kanagawa

2021  「WHAT is Art ?」Warehouse TERRADAWHAT CAFE, Tokyo

2021  「GIFT Exhibition」Warehouse TERRADA WHAT CAFE, Tokyo



2019  「ACT Art Award Exhibition」selected

2021  「Independent Tokyo 2021」Jury Special Award, Hiroko Ishinabe Award



2019  「KATARAU Art Exhibition」RBL CAFE, Tokyo

2019   Tres cafe Opening Live paint, Chiba

2019   To solve a mystery Appreciation party, Tokyo

2019  Kinomoto Shokai Co., Ltd. Open Memorial Party Live Paint, Tokyo

2020  「Connessione〜Connection〜A piece of miracle between an opera singer and a painter」Saika Kitazono (Fujiwara Opera) & Yu Tomita (pianist) & live paint video, Tokyo art support measures Art

2020  「MARIERIKA&Music live paint」KEITH NOUKENDAI、Kanagawa

2020  「NIGHT ART MARKET  Live Paint」Warehouse TERRADA WHAT CAFE, Tokyo

2021  「Miku Shumohama ×&re:sin Let's draw a beautiful sea-Original art panel production- 」Office Soyama, Tokyo

2021  「A casual auction in the town」GALLERY & CAFE Jack and the Beanstalk, Kanagawa

2021  「One Piece Club Maybe the First Exhibition」Open Production Auction 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

2021  「ART MARKET TENNOZ (Art Market Tennozu) Live Paint」Warehouse TERRADA WHAT CAFE, Tokyo



Nagisatei Taroan, Osteopathic Institute Jiyukan, Good Hill Co., Ltd.



AG Holdings (Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Management)



2021  「Water jewelry―Water decoration―」「Aloha Romance―New love―」Resin table、office soyama 【&re:sin】 Project






















◆ WAVE―波―

◆ GRAIN―粒―

◆ PLANE―飛行機―

◆ YEARS―全年代―



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